Calculation of indemnities when syndicate has no insurance

The syndicate suffers $8,000 damage.

The syndicate’s insurer does not pay because the damage is not covered under the syndicate’s policy.

The syndicate must apportion the $8,000 among the ten co-owners.

No responsible

Each co-owner receives an $800 apportionment representing his/her share of the $8,000 ($8,000 x 10% = $800).

The co-owner’s insurer does the following calculation:

Co-owner’s apportionment : $800

The Extensions of Coverage cover 90% of the apportionment :



The co-owner’s
deductible :


Total payable by
the insurer : $220

The co-owner must personally pay $580.


The syndicate can claim the responsible co-owner for the $8,000

The insurer of the responsible co-owner indemnifies for Civil Liability Coverage