Syndicate’s insurer

The insurer indemnifies the syndicate, less the applicable deductible. The insurer can exercise its right of subrogation, if allowed.

To cover the amount of its deductible, the syndicate can:

And if there is a responsible party

  • Claim the responsible party for the total amount of its deductible (co-owner or third party)

Co-owner’s insurer

Regardless of whether or not the co-owner’s unit is damaged, the syndicate can claim from the co-owner his/her share of its deductible, which is considered a common expense (article 1074.2 of the C.C.Q.):

And if a co-owner is responsible

  • The responsible co-owner has civil liability coverage for the amounts claimed from him/her.

If any improvements have been damaged, the co-owner’s insurer will cover the claim for that portion.