Article 1070

(In force, however will come into force on June 13th, 2020 for the co-ownerships established before June 13th, 2018)

The syndicate keeps a register at the disposal of the co-owners containing the name and address of each co-owner and each lessee, the minutes of the meetings of the co-owners and of the board of directors and the financial statements.

It also keeps at their disposal the declaration of co-ownership, the copies of the contracts to which it is a party, a copy of the cadastral plan, the plans and specifications of the building built, where applicable, and all other documents relating to the immovable and the syndicate.

In addition, the syndicate keeps at the disposal of the co-owners a description of the private portions that is sufficiently precise to allow any improvements made by co-owners to be identified. The same description may be valid for two or more portions having the same characteristics.

The text in bold will be added to the article of the Law once it will come into force.